Selective Intellect™ specializes in creating superior solutions for tough problems in the areas of High Performance Computing and Reverse Engineering.
Whether you are looking to accelerate your applications across multiple machines or deduce internal details of proprietary software or create innovative solutions to complex problems that you want solved, the team at Selective Intellect™ will be able to provide you end-to-end solutions aligned to your needs.

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2013-11-14 Selective Intellect™ is giving a talk at CSAW THREADS on the CFT project Bootjack.
2013-07-29 DARPA rewards Selective Intellect™ and BIT Systems with the transition Cyber Fast Track contract titled Pirate's Booty.

High Performance Computing

We can parallelize your applications to run across multiple systems harnessing the power of multi-processor, multi-core and GPGPU architectures and help you achieve the maximum computational power out of your hardware.

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Reverse Engineering & Cyber Security Research

Our team excels in reverse engineering which enables us to not only deduce internal details of software but also perform cyber security research by checking for security holes in existing software.

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Wisecracker™ is an open source framework for creating distributed cryptanalysis software for security researchers. It merges the fields of high performance computing and cryptography into performing brute force cryptanalysis at high speeds using multi-core processors and GPGPUs. Now you can break cryptographic hashes in a few seconds.

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